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    Full face & Neck  - $499

Full face - $449

Jawline lift - $299

Eyelift - $299

  What is HIFU and how does it work?
Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave, created by a very rapid vibration of an ultrasonic head of the device , with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Ultrasonic energy generates gentle heat under the skin when focused .

The HIFU beams through the surface of the skin to deliver precise and fractional ultrasound energy generating gentle heat to the skin . This energy stimulates natural new collagen production, with no cells disruption , no damage to the outer skin surface (no scarring).No physiological changes to the human body at all

HIFU is perfect for:

  • Firming sagging skin
  • Lifting the eyebrows
  • Reducing nasolabial folds
  • Softening lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing jowls and sagging skin under the chin

We currently offer treatment in the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Stomach

FibroBlast Plasma


Upper eyelids with crow's feet  - $299

Top eyelids with crow's feet - $299

Crow's Feet - $150

Smoker's line  - $299 

Plasma Fibroblast is an innovative development in aesthetic treatments using the fourth state of matter — Plasma (the first 3 being solids, liquids + gas). The treatment is delivered using an electronic handpiece (the plasma pen) containing a small metal probe, that when exposed to atmospheric gas (nitrogen) produces a tiny plasma flash between the device tip and the client’s skin.

This tiny superficial thermal trauma causes the skin in its vicinity to tighten and lift — giving results that are immediately noticeable after just one treatment. Over the next 90 days the elasticity of the skin and the skin tightening effects will continue to progress as the healing of the dermis promotes the production of new collagen and elastin.
The device is a single-patient use, sterile needle where the needle doesn't penetrate at any point .

How can Plasma benefit our client’s results?

Plasma Fibroblast has a tightening effect on skin that has lost its firmness, with results that last as long as they would with a surgical procedure – for a fraction of the cost! Because it’s applied as a spot treatment, downtime for a client is just 5 – 10 days (as opposed to the months of recovery required after surgery), and there’s low risk of infections and scarring if the thorough aftercare regime is followed.

Plasma Fibroblast can be performed on the face, neck, hands and most parts of the body, and may assist with lifting and rejuvenating the appearance of:

  • droopy eyelids
  • lower eyebags
  • crow’s feet
  • Brow lift
  • nasolabial folds
  • neck wrinkles/saggying
  • skin tags
  • Stretchmarks

Plasma treatment can be slightly uncomfortable but definitely bareable, however a numbing cream can be applied for extra comfort. A tightening effect can be seen immediately after treatment.  There will be mild swelling of the treated area for a few days and small Plasma Dots will form, these remain for about 5-10 days and then will naturally shed.

Million Dollar Facial


Price starts from $99

What exactly is a Million Dollar Facial?


The Million Dollar Facial is a luxurious, bespoke advanced 10 step facial  which uses a combination of feel-good massage and high-tech exfoliation to deliver instantly glowing skin.

What are the benefits of a Million Dollar Facial?

Where do we begin? Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment will deeply exfoliate, flush out toxins and stimulate natural collagen and cell turnover.  

The facial is designed to tackle fine lines, enlarged pores, scarring, pigmentation, and irregular texture, leaving you with firmer, brighter skin.  You can expect to see results last for over four weeks. Trust us, It’s the ultimate service for all skincare lovers!

What makes this treatment unique to others is the combination of classic and high-tech techniques used throughout the service, from cleansing and toning to Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Lymphatic Drainage, and Icey Globes to leave your skin feeling and looking a million dollars (without the million-dollar price tag!).

Dermapen Treatment

Price starts from $99

What is DermaPen?

DermaPen is a skin micro-needling treatment with minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production in the skin to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin

What Are The Benefits Of A Dermapen?

A dermapen is an effective way to remove acne scarring and imperfections on the skin, the biggest benefit is the improvement in overall skin tone and texture that comes about after the treatment, along with the minimised appearance of pores in the skin, reduced superficial wrinkles and reduced appearance of stretch marks.

Is Dermapen The Same As Microneedling?

Dermapen is a brand name for a microneedling tool.

Instead of the traditional microneedling roller which is essentially a wheel covered in microneedles, a dermapen is a handheld device designed to overcome all the issues of a traditional derma roller.

The dermapen offers adjustable depth so the treatment isn’t too deep in sensitive areas along with being fitted with surgical grade disposable needles for a patient’s safety.


Microdermabrasion - Starts from $50
Microdermabrasion treatments, reveal a clearer, brighter complexion to release your inner glow.

Using a combination of powerful cosmetic ingredients, diamond-tipped microdermabrasion and vacuum suction, this unique treatment works to remove dead skin and debris, while stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity.

Microdermabrasion is not only an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin, but it is also a desirable option to treat acne and the signs of premature ageing. For acne sufferers, fortnightly to monthly treatments can put you back in control of your skin.

Microdermabrasion benefits & what does it do for your skin?

Brightens your complexion – Gently removes the dead surface skin to reveal a clean, clear, bright and purified complexion.

Reduces breakouts – Unclogs pores and clears congestion to help reduce acne, blackheads and breakouts.

Cleansing – Clear congestion and treats premature aging caused by sun exposure, dry skin, acne, blemish scars, sunspots, and fine lines.

Evens skin tone – Also treats premature aging caused by sun exposure, dry skin, acne, blemish scars, sunspots, and fine lines.

 Rejuvenates the skin

Improves lymphatic drainage

Stimulates collagen production

Clinical Peel ( Medical Grade)

Clinical Peel - Starts from $199


Peels are clinical strength results-oriented corrective treatments and are far superior to a standard facial in terms of truly visible results, and long term durability.Peels can vary in intensity, from very superficial  to deep epidermal exfoliation. Your specific skin concerns, along with you dermal clinicians assessment will help establish the most effective solution for you. Our peels are designed to promote change deep within the skin to maximise results and minimise downtime.

Conditions treated
  • Acne
  • Acne scarring
  • Oily skin
  • Blackheads
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dehydrated and dull skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven tone or texture
  • Pigmentation

RF Skin Tightening

Visibly firm up your body by stimulating collagen and elastin production, all thanks to the current gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening treatments.  

Cold Plasma Treatment


For years, Cold Plasma has been highly regarded for its ability to combat bacteria and viruses in a natural and chemical-free way. Through its use of photons and ozone, it offers powerful ozonation and sterilization properties, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Not only is it used to effectively cleanse and purify the environment, but it's also a fantastic alternative for those looking to treat an array of skin issues, such as acne, cold sores, toe fungus, eczema, and psoriasis. What's more, Cold Plasma works to increase product absorption and can even be used to promote hair growth. Best of all, it offers a gentle and pain-free alternative to traditional treatments, eliminating the risk of side effects like redness, swelling, crusting, or discomfort. And with its ability to work in conjunction with Warm Plasma treatments, Cold Plasma is an essential part of any healing regimen.

Top Eyelids or Under the eyes with cross feet - $299

Nasolabial fold - $299

Forehead Lines - $299

Under the Chin - $299

Full Neck - $399

Décolletage - $299

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Skincare concerns are as varied as the human beings who have them! Finding the most appropriate treatment can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

Luckily, we can help you identify the cause of your concerns and recommend a treatment plan tailored to suit your specific needs. Having a technician who understands your skin? Priceless.


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